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Photo credit: Anna Blackard of Narina Photography

About Me

As a photographer, I love seeing the world around me - and the people in it- through the perspective of my lens. I am obsessed with capturing seemingly everyday moments and transforming them into moments of true beauty. The idea that everyone and everything can be beautiful captivates me and I am constantly looking for new memories to capture. 

Based in Central Texas, I especially enjoy taking family portraits.  My specialty is catching the "unposed" moments when the natural reactions - and interactions - of your family shine through.  Time passes so quickly, and Moms in particular are often missing from photos... so get in there, Momma, and let me help you preserve these moments in time. 


Check out the Behind the Scenes page for a glimpse of how my photo sessions feel.


Take a moment to explore my work, and contact me with any questions.

Inquire about capturing your family's memories by contacting me at

Austin, Texas 78750

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